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We detail for the first time the uniquely altered fibrin polymerization of homophenotypic Aalpha R16H dysfibrinogen. By polymerase chain reaction amplification and DNA sequencing, our new proposita's genotype consisted of a G>A transition encoding for Aalpha R16H, and an 11 kb Aalpha gene deletion. High-performance liquid chromatography disclosed(More)
Histoplasmosis is an endemic infection of the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys. Clinical presentation of infection in immunocompetent hosts ranges from asymptomatic to minor flu-like symptoms; however, disseminated infection can occur in immunocompromised patients. Esophageal involvement in the form of dysphagia secondary to mediastinal histoplasmosis is(More)
We describe a patient who had severe neurologic symptoms, psychiatric abnormalities, and secondary amenorrhea superimposed on a history of hemolytic anemia and micronodular cirrhosis attributed to hemochromatosis. The correct diagnosis of Wilson's disease was delayed until the appearance of Kayser-Fleischer rings and a low serum ceruloplasmin level.(More)
Blastomycosis is an endemic systemic fungal infection that usually involves the lungs and superficial skin. Although head and neck involvement has been reported in the literature, no previous cases of neck mass resulting from direct extension of a pulmonary lesion have been published. We encountered an immunocompetent 31-year-old woman with a rapidly(More)
Two inmates of our county jail suffered painful, life-threatening illness, and our taxpayers had considerable financial loss, as the result of self-inflicted rhabdomyolysis. We found reports of three similar cases from other states. Since prisoners are treated in a variety of medical facilities, this illness may be more common than reports indicate. It can(More)
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