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  • A. Billing, D. Fröhlich, O. Mialkowskyj, P. Stokstad, Prof. F. W. Schildberg
  • 2004
In order to define rational criteria for “planned relaparotomies” (PR) in the treatment of critical intra-abdominal infections we have analysed characteristics and the clinical course of 377 patients with diffuse peritonitis 152 of whom were treated by PR. More detailed prognostic aspects and data of the clinical course were prospectively investigated in(More)
To compare 4 general severity classification scoring systems concerning prognosis of outcome in 123 liver transplant recipients. The compared scoring systems were: the mortality prediction model (admission model and 24 h model); the simplified acute physiology score; the acute physiology and chronic health evaluation (Apache II) and the acute organ systems(More)
  • A. Billing, D. Fröhlich, H. Kortmann, M. Jochum
  • 2005
Despite a high concentration of serum proteins and intact phagocytes peritonitis exudates contain a large number of viable, pathogenic bacteria. The reason for this biological paradox is unknown. Our investigations reveal a pronounced defect in humoral opsonization of foreign particles in peritonitis exudate. We evaluated a modified chemiluminescence system(More)
In this paper we present an object-oriented approach and a development environment for the system-level design of run-time reconfigurable computer systems. We use the Unified Modeling Language for the specification, modeling, and visualization throughout all phases of development. We show how object-oriented applications can be implemented and executed on(More)
  • A. Billing, D. Fröhlich, H. Kortmann
  • 2005
Purulent peritonitis exudate is characterized by the presence of vital pathogen bacteria despite a large population of intact phagocytes. We found this to be caused by an almost complete breakdown of the C,-complement, resulting in ineffective opsonization of foreign particles and bacteria. C3, consumption is partly due to specific complement activation. In(More)
Da Gesundheitsschäden des Personals durch Spurenkonzentrationen von Lachgas nicht grundsätzlich auszuschließen sind, existiert seit Ende 1993 in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland eine gesetzlich verbindliche Maximale Arbeitsplatzkonzentration (MAK) für Lachgas von 100 ppm. Systematische Untersuchungen zur Lachgasbelastung in Aufwachräumen liegen derzeit nur(More)
  • A. Billing, D. Fröhlich, G. Ruckdeschel
  • 2004
The influence of taurolin on phagocytosis-related defense functions and on the elimination of bacteria has been investigated in a controlled study. Particle opsonisation, a prerequisite for sufficient phagocytosis, was undisturbed in presence of up to 0.1% taurolin. Intraabdominal taurolin application did not diminish the leukocyte influx into the abdominal(More)
Wir verglichen die neue Version des "Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation" (APACHE-III) Scores mit der bekannten und etablierten Version APACHE-II, indem wir die Schwere von Erkrankungen oder Verletzungen bei 150 Patienten nach deren Aufnahme auf die Intensivstation mittels beider Scores ermittelten. Die Mittel- und Medianwerte der(More)
  • H. G. Hillemanns, D. Fröhlich, E. Prestel
  • 2004
It was investigated how far the origin (pre-stages) and growth (early stages) are dependent on the cell-count and frequency of mitosis. In 354 cases the different stages of cancerization and in 61 cases of microcarcinoma, the cellcount and frequency of mitosis were evaluated. For each stage there is a characteristic cell-count. This increases during(More)