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Cairo of the Mamluks: A History of Architecture and its Culture
Cairo of the Mamluks was "a city beyond imagination", wrote the Arab philosopher Ibn Khaldun. The Mamluk sultans originated as a slave-based caste who took advantage of the mid-13th century powerExpand
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Islamic Architecture in Cairo: An Introduction
Known as the "Mother of the World", Cairo has one of the highest concentrations of Islamic architectural treasures in the world. This introduction to the subject begins with an analysis of theExpand
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Egypt's Adjustment to Ottoman Rule: Institutions, Waqf and Architecture in Cairo (16th & 17th Centuries)
Egypt's Adjustment to Ottoman Rule deals with the impact of the Ottoman conquest of Egypt on its political, religious and social institutions, their transition from the Mamluk to the Ottoman regimeExpand
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Beauty in Arabic Culture
Although beauty, in the pre-modern Arab world, was enjoyed and promoted almost everywhere, Islam does not possess a general theory on aesthetics or a systematic theory of the arts. This is a study ofExpand
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The bath hall at Khirbat al-Mafjar, one of the most remarkable buildings dating from the Umayyad period, is well known to historians of Islamic art through the excavation and reconstruction of itsExpand
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Practising Diplomacy in the Mamluk Sultanate: Gifts and Material Culture in the Medieval Islamic World
List of Illustrations (with copyright credit) Acknowledgement Note to the Reader Introduction PART ONE: THE CULTURE OF GIFTS I. The World of the Mamluks II. Protocol and Codes of Gift ExchangeExpand
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