Doris Alcorn

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PURPOSE An ocular renin-angiotensin system has been implicated in the proliferation of retinal blood vessels and blindness in diabetes mellitus. Its cellular basis has not been established. The objective was to identify sites of renin synthesis, secretion, and processing in eyes from humans, BALB/c mice, Sprague-Dawley rats, and a hypertensive transgenic(More)
The distribution and content of renin in Sprague-Dawley (SD) and transgenic (mREN-2)27 rats (TG) were compared to further define the cellular basis and function of the adrenal renin-angiotensin system. Antibody binding (to rat and mouse renin protein and prosequence) was visualised in serial paraffin sections using an avidin-biotin peroxidase technique.(More)
S harks and grenadiers in Alaska are two taxonomically unrelated groups of fishes that are interconnected by management and ecological commonalities. Although neither group is targeted by commercial fisheries in Alaska, both types of fishes are incidentally caught in considerable numbers in both longline and trawl fisheries. Recently, there has been(More)
We conducted a preschool vision screening study using stereopsis testing with the Random Dot E and Lang stereotests as a complement to visual acuity measurement. Over 6000 children were screened. Stereopsis testing at a threshold of 600 seconds of arc was cognitively easier for the children than visual acuity measurement. At this threshold there was no(More)
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