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Because of the large amount of information and the difficulty in selecting an appropriate recipient in the context of charitable giving, people tend to make extensive use of heuristics, which sometimes leads them to wrong decisions. In the present work, we focused on exploring how individuals are influenced by anchoring heuristics and how group membership(More)
Since 2007, researcher with lecturing tasks at the University of Verona (work and organizational psychology) Main activities and responsibilities Tenured Lecturer for courses at the University Coordinator in research project Teaching experience: Degree courses and specialized degree courses at the University of Verona, senior school courses for professional(More)
Two studies investigated the effect of trait Emotional Intelligence (trait EI) on people's motivation to help. In Study 1, we developed a new computer-based paradigm that tested participants' motivation to help by measuring their performance on a task in which they could gain a hypothetical amount of money to help children in need. Crucially, we manipulated(More)
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