Dorin Tepeneu

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Origami (paper folding) has a long tradition in Japan's culture and education. We are developing a computational origami system, based on symbolic computation system Mathematica, for performing and reasoning about origami on the computer. This system is based on the implementation of the six fundamental origami folding steps (origami axioms) formulated by(More)
Symbolic and algebraic computations are one of the fastest growing areas of scientific computing. In this paper we present an overview of the state-of-the-art in symbolic and algebraic computations on parallel and distributed computers and on grids. We give some background information, including typical application areas, and then give a list of past and(More)
1. Abstract We report the progress of the development of a computational origami system with a non-trivial example of constructing a regular heptagon on our system. It simulates origami folds based on the geometrical computation of origami faces created and transformed by paper folds. With our system, origamists can construct efficiently and precisely(More)
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