Dorin Stanescu

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BACKGROUND Clinical manifestations of hereditary spherocytosis can be controlled by splenectomy. The use of this procedure has been restricted due to concerns regarding exposure of patients to a lifelong risk of overwhelming infections. Subtotal splenectomy, which removes 85-90% of the enlarged spleen, is a logical alternative. In the first cases performed(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of this study was to identify prognostic factors for morbidity, mortality and long term outcome and to analyze the different management modalities for acute diffuse peritonitis. MATERIAL AND METHOD A clinical retrospective study was carried out on a series of 317 cases with acute peritonitis; admitted in the General Surgery Department,(More)
The therapeutic effects of 1 g/day cimetidine in short-term courses of 21 days have been tested by a double blind study in 20 patients, of which 17 with duodenal ulcer and 3 with both gastric and duodenal ulcerations, in comparison with a similar group of patients who received placebo. The symptomatology was characteristic in all the cases, X-ray presence(More)
UNLABELLED A clinical retrospec tive study was carried out on a series of 68 cases with acute pancreatitis, admitted in the General Surgery Department, Suceava County Hospital, between 2006-2009. RESULTS A number of 50 men (73.5%) and 18 women (26.5%), aged between 29 and 69 was studied. Enteral nutrition (EN) with naso-jejunal tube placed by endoscopy(More)
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