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The presented project, called VirtualDive, implements an educational, virtual-reality-based environment dedicated for children. The user "immersion" into the virtual underwater world permits him to interact with different fish species as well as to perturb the simulated environment conditions, such as temperature and pollution. Educational actions, as(More)
In this paper the virtual environment, viewed as a multi-dimensional space, populated by entities which interact with each other is considered. In this universe an entity can trigger interactions with another entities or can be subject of such interactions. The environment's dynamics is determined by the information flow between its entities. The proposed(More)
In this paper we propose a new metaphor of information retrieving, usable in heritage management and publishing. Based on the net, the user is able to participate in virtual guided tours, sessions of conferences-like. A human expert will be the guide for all the connected users. He will use different media (sound/video) to communicate; the members of the(More)
Our paper present the experience we have achieved during the last 15 years in VR, Computer Graphics, and Management classes with 4 th-5 th year and master students. Pedagogical as well as technical aspects are discussed. The main goal, the student motivation for learning and research is presented in an increasing manner, during the full duration of the(More)
The paper presents an overview of behavioral aspects in virtual environments modelling. After a phenomenological perspective of virtual environment, perception, motivation and emotion are considered as significant dimensions for the credibility of human experiences in virtual environments. Finally, we briefly present some of the well-known behavior-oriented(More)
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