Dorin M. Popovici

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Our paper present the experience we have achieved during the last 15 years in VR, Computer Graphics, and Management classes with 4 th-5 th year and master students. Pedagogical as well as technical aspects are discussed. The main goal, the student motivation for learning and research is presented in an increasing manner, during the full duration of the(More)
Pre-operatory gestures include tactile sampling of the mechanical properties of biological tissue for both histological and pathological considerations. Tactile properties used in conjunction with visual cues can provide useful feedback to the surgeon. Development of novel cost effective haptic-based simulators and their introduction in the minimally(More)
The goal of using virtual and augmented reality technologies in therapeutic interventions simulation, in the fixed prosthodontics (VirDenT) project, is to increase the quality of the educational process in dental faculties, by assisting students in learning how to prepare teeth for all-ceramic restorations. Its main component is an e-learning virtual(More)
Recent advances in haptic hardware and software technology have generated interest in novel, multimodal interfaces based on the sense of touch. Such interfaces have the potential to revolutionize the way we think about human-computer interaction and open new possibilities for simulation and training in a variety of fields. In this paper we review several(More)
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