Dorien Rossiter

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This paper describes an investigation into the developmental nature of the voice under training with and without the influence of real-time visually presented biofeedback. Two subjects who had not previously experienced any form of vocal training took six singing lessons. One was taught conventionally, while the other was taught with the aid of a system(More)
This paper considers the nature of real-time visual feedback for vocal analysis and development and presents a new software tool, called ALBERT (acoustic and laryngeal biofeedback enhancement in real time), designed for use with those developing their voices professionally. This tool embodies several important issues in the provision of real-time visual(More)
This article reports the design and implementation of a graphical display that presents an approximation to vocal tract area in real time for voiced vowel articulation. The acoustic signal is digitally sampled by the system. From these data a set of reflection coefficients is derived using linear predictive coding. A matrix of area coefficients is then(More)
[1] The radio occultation (RO) sounding technique that uses signals transmitted by the Global Positioning System (GPS) has evolved as an important global observing technology. In this paper, we compare RO refractivity profiles from the CHAMP (CHAllenging Minisatellite Payload) satellite mission with those calculated from radiosonde soundings over five(More)
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