Dorie Frank

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In this study, involvement of peripheral AMPA receptors in mediating craniofacial muscle pain was investigated. AMPA receptor subunits, GluR1 and GluR2, were predominantly expressed in small to medium size neurons but more GluR2 positive labeling were encountered in trigeminal ganglia (TG) of male Sprague Dawley rats. A greater prevalence of GluR2 is(More)
Dopamine receptors have been identified in many tissues including the kidney. To establish an in vitro system as a model for dopamine action, we studied the effect of dopamine (DA) receptor agonists and antagonists on adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cAMP) formation in opossum kidney (OK) cells. The stimulation of cAMP production in these cells by(More)
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