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Dissection material comprising 71 cases (total material evaluated: 3,082 post-mortem examinations) in which resuscitation measures are known to have been carried out in the case history showed 46.5% resuscitation damage, including an incidence of liver ruptures of 8.5% (6 cases), which are given special prominence. In the event of substantial haemascos and(More)
A prospective, double-blind, mixed, crossover study was conducted to determine the perception of pain associated with intradermal lidocaine and chloroprocaine for insertion of an 18-gauge intravenous catheter. A convenience sample of 64 healthy, adult volunteers was used. Each participant received an intradermal injection of lidocaine or chloroprocaine on(More)
 Background: Symptomatic spinal epidural lipomatosis (SEL) of the lumbar spine is a rare disease, often associated with steroid overload. Idiopathic lipomatosis is even much less frequent. Signs and symptoms depend upon the level and degree of nerve root compression. Diagnosis is best based on MRI. Weight reduction can be curative, however after failure of(More)
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