Doriana Frongillo

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To evaluate the influence of autonomic function on the QT interval and QT dispersion, 18 patients (10 males and 8 females; mean age 61 +/- 9 years) with multiple system atrophy (MSA, Shy-Drager syndrome) were studied. Cardiovascular tests were performed to assess the degree of autonomic dysfunction. The QT interval, corrected QT (QTc), QT dispersion (QTd),(More)
Cardiovascular tests (CT) of autonomic function and non-invasive ambulatory blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) monitoring were performed in 17 patients with multiple system atrophy (MSA) (mean age 61 +/- 9 years) and in 12 healthy subjects matched for sex and age. CT showed severe autonomic dysfunction with orthostatic hypertension (OH) in eight(More)
A method for the quantitative assessment of peptide-containing nerves in the gastrointestinal muscle layers is described. Tissue samples are sectioned obliquely, at 45 degrees, in the plane bisecting the long axes of longitudinal and circular muscle fibres, and peptide-containing nerve fascicles are revealed by immunofluorescence. Cross-sectioned fascicles(More)
AIM To evaluate the safety and the feasibility of sedation administered by cardiologists with rapid intravenous bolus of midazolam followed by flumazenil infusion during transthoracic biphasic electrical cardioversion (TEC) for atrial fibrillation (AF). METHODS Two hundred and sixty-five consecutive patients (119 females, mean age 67.4 +/- 8.5 years) with(More)
Hypertensive therapy based on diuretics is time-honored. Thiazides represent the most commonly used class of diuretics for uncomplicated hypertension because of economic motivations, their tolerance and efficacy both as monotherapy and in combined treatment with other agents. Clinical studies using diuretics and beta-blockers reported that thiazide(More)
We analyzed the performance of the electrocardiogram in the diagnosis of left atrial enlargement in 1000 unselected consecutive patients (585 men and 415 women, mean age 46 +/- 17 years) with different cardiovascular diseases or clinically normal. Echocardiography was used as reference method to assess left atrial dimension. The following(More)
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