Dorian Le Peutrec

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This article follows the previous works [HKN] by Helffer-KleinNier and [HeNi1] by Helffer-Nier about the metastability in reversible diffusion processes via a Witten complex approach. Again, exponentially small eigenvalues of some self-adjoint realization of ∆ f,h = −h∆ + |∇f(x)| − h∆f(x) , are considered as the small parameter h > 0 goes to 0. The function(More)
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In this article, we are interested in the exponentially small eigenvalues of the self adjoint realization of the semiclassical Witten Laplacian ∆ f,h, in the general framework of p-forms, on a connected compact Riemannian manifold without boundary. Our purpose is to notice that the knowledge of (the asymptotic formulas for) the smallest non zero eigenvalues(More)
Accurate asymptotic expressions are given for the exponentially small eigenvalues of Witten Laplacians acting on p-forms. The key ingredient, which replaces explicit formulas for global quasimodes in the case p = 0, is Barannikov’s presentation of Morse theory in [Bar]. MSC2010: 57N65, 58J32, 58J37, 58J50, 81Q10, 81Q20
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