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The Internet topological connectivity becomes denser over time. However the de facto routing protocol of the global Internet, BGP, lets each BGP router select and propagate only a single best path to each destination network. This leads to a common concern that the rich connectivity is not fully utilized and the lack of alternative paths can reduce a(More)
BGP is the global routing protocol used to propagate reachability information both between and within autonomous systems. In recent years there have been many measurement studies that use BGP updates between ASes to examine BGP routing dynamics across the global Internet. However, there has been virtually no measurement studies on BGP dynamics inside(More)
Large ISPs have been growing rapidly in both the size and global connectivity. To scale with the sheer number of routers, many providers have replaced the flat full-mesh iBGP connectivity with a hierarchical architecture, using either Route-Reflection (RR) or AS confederation. Given that each intermediate iBGP router in the hierarchy selects and propagates(More)
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