Dorian Kanitz

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Tabletop applications cannot display more than a few dozen on-screen objects. The reason is their limited size: tables cannot become larger than arm's length without giving up direct touch. We propose creating direct touch surfaces that are orders of magnitude larger. We approach this challenge by integrating high-resolution multitouch input into a(More)
Twenty-six specific-pathogen-free pigs were fed pure cultures of Treponema hyodysenteriae. Five untreated pigs were controls. Distribution of this large spirochete in pigs with swine dysentery was shown by the indirect fluorescent antibody technique. Findings by this method were compared with those from dark-field examination of colonic mucosal scrapings(More)
In this paper, we propose extending interactive floors by integrating recent high-resolution multi-touch technology. This allows for a new class of systems that can recognize users based on their shoes, can distinguish foot postures and determine the state of individual toes, track users’ head positions based on the weight distribution across their feet,(More)
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