Dorian Henderson

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Transient receptor potential (TRP) genes encode a family of related ion-channel subunits. This family consists of cation-selective, calcium-permeable channels that include a group of vanilloid receptor channels (TRPV) implicated in pain and inflammation. These channels are activated by diverse stimuli, including capsaicin, lipids, membrane deformation,(More)
Strand-replacement synthesis during conjugative mating has been characterized by introducing into donor cells R1162 plasmid DNA containing a base-pair mismatch. Conjugative synthesis in donors occurs in the absence of vegetative plasmid replication, but with a lag between rounds of transfer, and with most strands being initiated at the normal site within(More)
To gain insight into the interactions between transcriptional factor proteins and DNA, the DNA-reactive drugs (+)-CC-1065 and pluramycin were used to target specific protein-DNA complexes. The structural features of the complex between the transcriptional activator Sp1 and the 21-base-pair repeat of the early promoter region of SV40 DNA were examined using(More)
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