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AIMS To identify which intervention strategies have been effective in reducing excessive consumption of alcohol, and related harm, among some segments of Australia's Aboriginal population. DESIGN Items dealing with 'alcohol' and 'evaluation' (27) were identified from the comprehensive electronic data base on Aboriginal alcohol and other drug issues,(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the effectiveness of, and community attitudes towards, increased restrictions on the availability of alcohol in Tennant Creek. METHOD Estimates of quarterly per capita consumption of pure alcohol by persons aged > or = 15 years, admissions data from the local hospital, women's refuge and sobering up shelter, and police data on(More)
This paper describes patterns of tobacco, alcohol and other drug use among Aboriginal people aged 8 to 17 years in the town of Albany, Western Australia. Of a total of 110 young Aboriginal people residing in the town at the time of the study, 105 were interviewed by two trained Aboriginal research assistants using interview schedules that included questions(More)
Most cases of cost overruns in public procurement are related to important changes in the initial project design. This paper deals with the problem of design speci ̄cation in public procurement and provides a rationale for design misspeci ̄cation. We propose a model in which the sponsor decides how much to invest in design speci ̄cation and awards(More)
Most health and substance abuse programs for indigenous peoples in Australia are funded by government. Over the past decade there have been calls for greater accountability in the conduct of these programs. Initial attempts focused on the development of standardised performance indicators, an approach that has been criticised on both political and(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of the application, and removal, in the Northern Territory of a levy on the sale of cask wine--a beverage shown to contribute disproportionately to alcohol-related harm. METHOD Using data on licensee purchases of alcoholic beverages and ABS population data, estimates were made of per capita consumption of pure alcohol by(More)
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In his article "The Gay Artist as Tragic Hero in The Picture of Dorian Gray" Henry M. Alley discusses the central artistic figure in Oscar Wilde's novel, Basil Hallward. As the novel's tragic protagonist, he commands the most pity and fear and serves as the most dynamic member of the dramatis personae. Alley contextualizes his discussion within Aristotle's(More)