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Computer hardware costs are the limiting factor in producing highly accurate radiation dose calculations on convenient time scales. Because of this, largescale, full Monte Carlo simulations and other resource intensive algorithms are often considered infeasible for clinical settings. The emerging cloud computing paradigm promises to fundamentally alter the(More)
Thirty-three patients undergoing elective myocardial revascularization were prospectively randomized into two study groups (Group S and Group P) to permit evaluation of the effects of shivering on oxygen consumption per minute (VO2), carbon dioxide production per minute (VCO2), and hemodynamic performance. Group S was allowed to shiver during the(More)
The characteristic depressed hemodynamic state and gradually declining circulatory function in Fontan patients necessitates alternative postoperative management strategies incorporating a system level approach. In this study, the single-ventricle Fontan circulation is modeled by constructing a practical in vitro bench-top pulsatile pediatric flow loop which(More)
Computer architecture design is in a new era where performance is increased by replicating processing cores on a chip rather than making CPUs larger and faster. This design strategy is motivated by the superior energy efficiency of the multi-core architecture compared to the traditional monolithic CPU. If the trend continues as expected, the number of cores(More)
Ventricular assist devices (VADs) and total artificial hearts have been in development for the last 50 years. Since their inception, simulators of the circulation with different degrees of complexity have been produced to test these devices in vitro. Currently, a new path has been taken with the extensive efforts to develop paediatric VADs, which require(More)
Metacomputing consists of the idea of connecting geographically distributed high performance computing resources in a seamless manner. This allows a single user to access a disparate set of resources from a single machine, with little or no knowledge of the underlying connections and protocols. The primary benefits of using a metacomputing system are(More)
PURPOSE Mismatches between pump output and venous return in a continuous-flow ventricular assist device may elicit episodes of ventricular suction. This research describes a series of in vitro experiments to characterize the operating conditions under which the EVAHEART centrifugal blood pump (Sun Medical Technology Research Corp., Nagano, Japan) can be(More)
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