Dorian Arnold

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Performance monitoring of HPC applications offers opportunities for adaptive optimization based on dynamic performance behavior, unavailable in purely post-mortem performance views. However, a parallel performance monitoring system must have low overhead and high efficiency to make these opportunities tangible. We describe a scalable parallel performance(More)
The characteristic depressed hemodynamic state and gradually declining circulatory function in Fontan patients necessitates alternative postoperative management strategies incorporating a system level approach. In this study, the single-ventricle Fontan circulation is modeled by constructing a practical in vitro bench-top pulsatile pediatric flow loop which(More)
Computer hardware costs are the limiting factor in producing highly accurate radiation dose calculations on convenient time scales. Because of this, large-scale, full Monte Carlo simulations and other resource intensive algorithms are often considered infeasible for clinical settings. The emerging cloud computing paradigm promises to fundamentally alter the(More)
This paper reports on using the NetSolve metacomputing system to provide remote access to HPC platforms for users of the SARA3D structural acoustics code. NetSolve is a client/server system that provides access to HPC hardware and software from familiar desktop environments, using a variety of client interfaces, including Fortran, C, and Java programming(More)
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