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In times when environmental issues such as global warming and air pollution are in focus, there are more objections to the use of conventional and nuclear power stations. The use of alternative energy sources such as water turbines, solar cells and wind turbines becomes essential for producing clean energy. In this paper, a novel design of a 1 kW DC/AC(More)
A novel design of a photovoltaic grid connected inverter is presented. The inverter is realized so as to attain current source characteristics for simple connectivity to the grid. The advantage of this realization is a simplified system due to the fact that no voltage amplitude matching or modulating is required and the wave shape of the grids voltage has(More)
This paper describes several Magnetic topologies of D&I converters systems. Distributed and Interleaved systems and their benefits are reviewed first. Then, considering the conventional acceptance that inverse coupling of Inductors in D&I system empower the filtering capability of D&I system the following topologies are offered: First, standard(More)
This paper describes a step-by-step DSP based digital control design and implementation of a high frequency dc-dc converter. Starting with a dc-dc buck converter and a given set of performance specification, it discusses different control blocks, different control design approaches and highlights the significant differences in designing control in the(More)
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