Dorelle Hinton

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Measurement of the EEG during fMRI scanning can give rise to image distortions due to magnetic susceptibility, eddy currents or chemical shift artifacts caused by certain types of EEG electrodes, cream, leads, or amplifiers. Two different creams were tested using MRS and T2* measurements, and we found that the one with higher water content was superior.(More)
Finite element simulations of fluid-solid interactions were used to investigate inter-individual variations in flow dynamics and wall mechanics at the carotid artery bifurcation, and its effects on atherogenesis, in three healthy humans (normal volunteers: NV1, NV2, NV4). Subject-specific calculations were based on MR images of structural anatomy and(More)
Using a new method of xenon laser-polarization that permits the generation of liter quantities of hyperpolarized 129Xe gas, the first 129Xe imaging results from the human chest and the first 129Xe spectroscopy results from the human chest and head have been obtained. With polarization levels of approximately 2%, cross-sectional images of the lung gas-spaces(More)
NMR images of laser polarized 3He gas were obtained at 21 G using a simple, homebuilt instrument. At such low fields magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of thermally polarized samples (e.g., water) is not practical. Low-field noble gas MRI has novel scientific, engineering, and medical applications. Examples include portable systems for diagnosis of lung(More)
Atherogenesis is known to be associated with the stresses that act on or within the arterial wall. Still, the uneven distribution of atherosclerotic lesions and the impact of vessel remodeling on disease progression are poorly understood. A methodology is proposed to study the correlations between fluid dynamic parameters and histological markers of(More)
Magnetic cross-relaxation spectra or Z-spectra are presented for water, acetone, methanol, dimethylsulfoxide, and acetonitrile in cross-linked bovine serum albumin gels. Each solvent studied, reports the same Z-spectrum linewidth and shape for the solid component that follows from solutions of the coupled relaxation equations. The Z-spectra demonstrate(More)
Welcome to OBC 2014! We are excited to welcome everyone to the 11 th Annual Ontario Biomechanics Conference at the Kempenfelt Conference Centre, home of OBC for the last 7 years. We have an exciting, full weekend that includes 13 universities, over 153 attendees, and 90 presentations. OBC has grown dramatically over the last 11 years along with the number(More)
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