Doreid Ammar

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This paper provides a contribution for NS-3 consisting of a new tool for generating Internet traffic. This tool is based on the Poisson Pareto Burst Process (PPBP), a Long-Range Dependent (LRD) model for network traffic. The PPBP model provides a simple and accurate network traffic generator that matches statistical properties of real-life IP networks. We(More)
—Admission control is a mechanism used to restrict access to a computer network to some flows based on the current utilization level of the network resource. By regulating the number of ongoing flows, admission control aims at preventing overloading , congestion and performance collapses, so that, accepted flows receive a sufficient level of Quality of(More)
—Many methods have been proposed in the literature to perform admission control in order to provide a sufficient level of Quality of Service (QoS) to accepted flows. In this paper, we introduce a novel data-driven method based on a time-varying model that we refer to as Knowledge-Based Admission Control solution (KBAC). Our KBAC solution consists of three(More)
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