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Using a uniform detection method for donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies (DSAs), we sought to determine the effect of preformed DSAs on outcomes in double umbilical cord blood transplantation. DSAs were associated with an increased incidence of graft failure (5.5% vs 18.2% vs 57.1% for none, single, or dual DSA positivity; P = .0001), prolongation of the(More)
Four previously unreported DR52-associated DRB1 alleles have been characterized through DNA sequencing, contributing to the diversity of the HLA system. DRB1*1424 is nearly identical to DRB1*1402 in the second exon, except that it contains the "I---A" motif found at codons 67-71 common to the DRB1*15 alleles. DRB1*1425 contains the "A--H" motif, found in(More)
BACKGROUND Double-cord-blood transplantation (DCBT) offers an option for patients receiving reduced-intensity transplants. These unique transplants have two donors, both of whom are usually HLA mismatched at one to two loci. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Fifty-three patients were recipients of a reduced-intensity DCBT. Cords were at least 4/6 allele-level(More)
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