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The DLR developed the open source software framework RCE to support the collaborative and distributed work in the shipyard industry. From a technology side of view a software from the shipbuilding field has many requirements in common with aerospace software projects. Accordingly, RCE has become the basis for further projects within the DLR. Over the last(More)
The architecture of software it not tangible, but in different situations it is preferable to have it tangible. For example, while reviewing it against the intended design, introducing the software to others, or starting to develop on a new part. Basic aspects of a software architecture are the modules the software is constructed of and the dependencies(More)
In aerospace engineering, simulation is a key technology. Examples are pre-design studies, optimization, systems simulation, or mission simulations of aircrafts and space vehicles. These kinds of complex simulations need two distinct technologies. First, highly sophisticated simulation codes for each involved discipline (for example, codes for computational(More)
In the computer aided engineering field high performance computing clusters are essential for today’s work. In order to use them efficiently, monitoring systems are required. There are a lot of software systems for different monitoring purposes. The task of managing all of them at the same time usually becomes very complex, because they all have(More)
Many component based systems and frameworks require the integration of external codes, for example, providing numerical functionalities. These numerical codes can be either sequential or parallelized, written in languages such as C, Fortran, Python, or Java. Frameworks provide support for workflow management, data management, using distributed computing(More)
Aviation guarantees mobility, but its emissions also contribute considerably to climate change. Therefore, climate impact mitigation strategies have to be developed based on comprehensive assessments of the different impacting factors. We quantify the climate impact mitigation potential and related costs resulting from changes in aircraft operations and(More)
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