Doreen Kotik-Harper

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The Folstein Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and dementia screening measures developed by Benton (temporal orientation, oral word association, and visual reconstruction tasks) were compared for diagnostic efficacy with geriatric inpatients manifesting depression without dementia or mild or moderate dementias complicated by depression. Both instruments(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to explore the value of patient self-report assessment in heart transplant candidacy evaluation, utilizing the Millon Behavioral Health Inventory (MBHI). Patient's MBHI measures were related to important pretransplant patient characteristics and posttransplant measures of health behavior, medical morbidity, and(More)
A total of 247 consecutively evaluated geriatric medical patients was administered a battery of neuropsychological and psychological tests as part of their diagnostic workup for unexplained deterioration in their functioning. Depression was assessed with a short form of the MMPI, the Brief Symptom Inventory, and the Geriatric Depression Scale. By Research(More)
The utility of the Millon Behavioral Health Inventory (MBHI) in screening for the formal diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder was investigated in a sample of 90 heart transplant candidates, a population at risk for psychiatric disturbance. Psychiatric disorders were identified in 71% of patients, the majority being adjustment disorder. Sensitivity and(More)
Recent investigations have suggested the utility of brief, psychometric screening batteries in the early detection of abnormal mental decline. This study extended the investigation of one of these batteries, comprised of three tests (Controlled Oral Word Association, Visual Retention, Temporal Orientation), to the difficult issue of differentiating dementia(More)
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