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The effects of progabide, a GABA receptor agonist, on haloperidol-induced and domperidone-induced hyperprolactinaemia have been studied in man. There was a moderate inhibition by progabide of the rise in prolactin after domperidone. No such effect was found after haloperidol. The results support the view that in man, as in animals, GABA agonists have an(More)
IFIP was founded in 1960 under the auspices of UNESCO, following the First World Computer Congress held in Paris the previous year. An umbrella organization for societies working in information processing, IFIP's aim is twofold: to support information processing within ist member countries and to encourage technology transfer to developing nations. As ist(More)
The acute and long-term effects of oral pergolide mesylate, a new potent, long-acting dopamine agonist, were investigated in 10 hyperprolactinaemic patients. After a single 50 micrograms dose of pergolide mesylate, serum prolactin concentrations fell steadily to reach a mean minimum value at 6 h of 20% of baseline values; this degree of suppression was(More)
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