Dorde Lalosević

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INTRODUCTION Malignant lymphoma of the thyroid gland can be defined as a lymphoma arising from the thyroid gland. Lymphomas of the thyroid gland represent less than 5% of primary thyroid neoplasms and are two to three times more common in women than in men, whereas the median age is usually close to 60 years. Majority of thyroid lymphomas are diffuse,(More)
Eriochrome cyanine R (ECR) is a synthetic anionic dye that forms complexes with cations such as iron. We found that an iron-ECR (Fe-ECR) mixture provided either nuclear or myelin staining depending on the differentiator used. Selective nuclear staining was obtained by differentiation in an aqueous HCl solution, pH 0.95, followed by a wash in slightly(More)
INTRODUCTION Standard diagnostic procedures (anamnesis, physical examination, laboratory analyses, ultrasound diagnosis), commonly used in diagnosis and preparation for surgical intervention of patients with cholelithiasis, are in most cases a reliable indicator for evaluation of the disease and conditions planned for surgery. DISCUSSION In some cases by(More)
INTRODUCTION Common bile duct calculi represent a pathologic entity involving obstructive icterus, cholangitis, hepatic cirrhosis or pancreatitits. Common bile duct calculi mostly have a secondary origin (from gallbladder) in 95% of cases, while primary choledocholithiasis is rare. CLASSIFICATION From surgical aspect, common bile duct calculi can be: 1.(More)
INTRODUCTION Medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) is a neuroendocrine tumor of the thyroid parafollicular or C-cells. MTC accounts for approximately 3 to 5% of thyroid carcinomas. A characteristic feature of this tumor is production of calcitonin. Sporadic MTC accounts for 60-80% of all cases of the disease. The most common presentation of sporadic MTC is a(More)
Treatment of advanced soft tissue sarcoma usually includes dacarbazine (DTIC), an alkylating agent that methylates DNA and is active during all phases of the cell cycle. Common side effects of DTIC include nausea, vomiting, impaired liver and kidney function, myelosuppression, and pneumonia. There are no accounts, however, of histological and hematological(More)
Humans and guinea pigs are unable to produce vitamin C, with deficiency resulting in a well-known disorder of collagen synthesis. Pial basement membrane structure preservation is essential in the proper migration of neurons. In our study, intrauterine deprivation of vitamin C in guinea pig fetuses led to a collagen synthesis disorder, weakness, and finally(More)
Accessory cell function of mouse and human epidermal cells (ECs) was analyzed by measuring their capacity to support the proliferative response of lectin-stimulated nonadherent thymic T cells (NATs). NATs exhibit low responsiveness to lectins, while the addition of ECs induced in a dose-dependent way either supportive or suppressive effects. Accessory(More)
INTRODUCTION Primary hyperparathyroidism is a generalized disorder resulting from excessive secretion of parathyroid hormone involving one or more parathyroid glands. Both familial and sporadic forms exist. Histologic examination reveals parathyroid adenoma in about 90% of patients, although it is sometimes difficult to distinguish an adenoma from a normal(More)