Dorcas Dobie

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Patients who undergo splenectomy and recipients of allogeneic marrow (alloBMT) or peripheral stem cell transplantation are at increased risk of overwhelming infection from encapsulated organisms such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae and Neiserria meningitidis. As prophylaxis against these pathogens splenectomised patients are immunised(More)
INTRODUCTION This study reports on the feasibility of using validated mental health screening instruments for deployed Operation Iraqi Freedom military personnel. METHODS For a 3-month period in 2005, all service members (N=296) who initially presented to the U.S. Military Hospital Kuwait mental health clinic completed an intake questionnaire that(More)
Nucleotide sequences were determined for the 5' termini of La Crosse virus (LAC) S segment mRNA from persistently infected mosquito cell cultures (C6/36 from Aedes albopictus) and embryos (Aedes triseriatus). LAC primes transcription of its mRNA with "scavenged" 5' caps and adjacent oligonucleotides from host mRNAs, and these non-virus-encoded 5'-terminal(More)
A reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) technique was used to detect La Crosse (LAC) virus RNA in the central nervous system (CNS) tissues of two patients who died of LAC encephalitis in 1960 and 1978. Viral RNA was readily detected by RT-PCR although the tissues had been stored frozen for up to 37 years. LAC virus was detected in the cerebral cortex but not(More)
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