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Numerical modeling and experimental testing of a nerve cuff technique for selective stimulation of superficial peripheral nerve trunk regions is presented. Two basic electrode configurations ("snug" cuff monopolar and tripolar longitudinally aligned dots) have been considered. In addition, the feasibility of "steering" excitation into superficial nerve(More)
  • D A Ksienski
  • 1992
Present methods of determining the safe injected charge levels for disk-type electrodes are given in terms of an average charge density, although the charge density is higher near the periphery of the electrode. This paper describes an electrode that produces an injected charge density that is uniform over the surface of the electrode and thus permits(More)
Just over a decade ago, gastrointestinal tumours were a poorly understood mesenchymal neoplasm unsuccessfully treated with chemotherapy. Cytotoxic therapy for advanced disease yielded response rates of 10% and median survival of just 18 months. However, the discovery of KIT and platelet derived growth factor receptor alpha (PDGFRA) mutations as oncogenic(More)
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