Doralinda A. Guzmán-de-Peña

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Fusarium proliferatum, F. subglutinans, and F. verticillioides are known causes of ear and kernel rot in maize worldwide. In Mexico, only F. verticillioides and F. subglutinans, have been reported previously as causal agents of this disease. However, Fusarium isolates with different morphological characteristics to the species that are known to cause this(More)
External pH constitutes one of the most important environmental factors that control growth, metabolism and differentiation in microorganisms, including fungi. We have analyzed the effect of external pH on sterigmatocystin biosynthesis in Aspergillus nidulans. It was observed in repeated experiments that alkaline pH, in opposition to acid pH, increased(More)
Aflatoxin contamination of corn is an important problem internationally, particularly in tropical and subtropical conditions that favor infection and synthesis by Aspergillus. Environmental conditions (drought) and agronomic practices i.e. N fertilization have been reported as favorable to aflatoxin synthesis in the field. This study was undertaken to(More)
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