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Knowledge management intrinsically involves communication and information sharing, which can be strongly affected by the context in which it is viewed and interpreted. This situation gets worst when complex domains are considered, as it is the case of the Construction Industry domains. The development of ontologies to unify and to put into context the(More)
This paper proposes a new method for managing the use of ontologies in the context of a Virtual Breeding Environment. This research work focus is on the dissolution phase of a Virtual Enterprise or Collaborative Network, where ontology segmentation techniques are user to enrich the VBE's ontology library. Firstly, an overview of the process of ontology(More)
INTRODUCTION The ankle-brachial index (ABI) has been widely used in the diagnosis of established obstructive peripheral artery disease. However, its applicability in the earlier stages of vascular dysfunction lacks experimental demonstration. Our aim was thus to evaluate the potential of this indicator in the study of vascular function in a normal(More)
This paper presents a case in the development of a knowledge community support system in the context of an industrial association group in the construction sector. This system is a result of the Know-Construct project which aims at providing association sponsored SME communities of the construction sector with a sophisticated information management platform(More)
Nowadays, creating and maintaining long-term relationships with clients is one of companies' main concerns. In this domain, the social networks' websites are potential channels and assume a growing and prevailing part in relationships between companies and customers. This research work assesses the level of the use of social networks websites on customers'(More)
Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a rare systemic disorder, with a diversified presentation and natural history. It can compromise any organ. We report a case of a 32-year-old woman who came to our clinic with an asymptomatic palpable breast mass. She underwent excisional biopsy. Immunohistochemical and pathological evaluation revealed Langerhans cell(More)
This paper reports on the impact of the implementation of active and collaborative practices in ICT (information and communication technologies) classrooms. Both of these approaches convey a lot of responsibility from the teacher to the students and the hoping, as backed up by the literature, is to promote deeper learning and reasoning skills at a higher(More)
  • Dora Simoes
  • 2010
The main goal of this paper is to report the results of a literature review about the most adopted architectures of Data Warehouse by the business organizations. The methodologies followed in implementing those architectures were also studied. This work allowed to contribute to this paper with a conceptual framework in order to support the selection of the(More)
This paper presents the socio-technical design of a knowledge community which is part of a system to support an industrial association based collaborative network in the sector of construction industry. There are many explanations around the virtual community concept. Here is presented a fundamental phase of the Know-Construct project which involved the(More)