Dora Mirtella

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This study describes the results of the simultaneous detection and quantitation of morphine, 6-acetylmorphine, and cocaine in toenail and hair samples obtained from 18 forensic autopsies of drug abusers who had died in various manners. After external decontamination, each specimen was submitted to hot acid hydrolysis (1 mL of HCl 37%) in the presence of(More)
Estimation of age of skeletal remains is one of the most complex questions for anthropologists. The most common macroscopic methods are based on dental wear and histological evaluation of bone remodeling. These methods are often qualitative, require great technical expertise, and have proved inexact in the estimation of ages over 50 years. Certain dental(More)
Carpals are often used as age indicators. In a recent study, Cameriere et al. studied the use of the ratio between the total area of carpal bones and epiphyses of the ulna and radius (Bo) and carpals (Ca) as age indicators. The present study, of a sample of 158 Slovenian children and adolescents aged between 6 and 16 years, focused on analysing the best(More)
Estimation of skeletal age using radiographic images is widely used for assessing biological growth in clinical and auxological studies. The most frequent areas used for age estimation in children and adolescents are tooth and wrist/hand, both giving good results with only a low level of radiation. In particular, ossification of the carpals shows good(More)
Computers have been widely used in the field of medical research over the past few decades. One of the emerging researches in medical imaging is to estimate age of the live or dead human being. Bone Age Assessment (BAA) is directly proportional to Skeletal (Bone) growth assessment. The study for Age Estimation (AE) has been categorized into two: one from(More)
In Italy, driving under the influence of drugs determines the suspension of the offender's driver's license. To regain the license the person must be drug free during an observation period. People whose license has been revoked or suspended can obtain, or re-obtain their driver's license subject to the judgment of a medical commission. The exclusion of(More)
In this case study, the body of a 45-year-old man was exhumed after 1 year at the request of the public prosecutor to assess whether the death was caused by drug consumption. Toxicological analyses were performed on several matrices, including liver, kidney, and the alternative matrices hair and teeth. The systematic toxicological analysis (STA), which(More)
The study reports the results of the detection and quantitation of morphine in tissues fixed in formalin and in the formalin solutions in which the same tissues were fixed. Toxicological analyses were performed on formalin-fixed liver and kidney samples from five cases of opiate poisoning and on the formalin solutions (10% buffered pH 7) in which the(More)
Many studies have examined the characteristics of the frontal sinuses and their use for forensic purposes, particularly when an individual is edentulous. One of the most widespread classification systems is that proposed by Yoshino et al. The aim of this study was to improve the performance of Yoshino's method for identifying unknown skeletal remains by(More)
This study reports results of the detection and quantitation of sildenafil (Viagra) in biological fluids and tissues and its stability in fixed tissues and formalin solutions in which the tissues were fixed. Toxicological analyses were performed on samples from a 60-year-old man who died of acute heart failure due to myocardiosclerosis. Sildenafil pills(More)