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UNLABELLED The observation of pain in other individuals is known to impact the cerebral activity in regions dedicated to one's nociception, as well as the behavior toward the person in pain. However, it remains unclear whether this shared representation for pain modulates somatosensory processing to nonpainful stimuli and whether this modulation is limb(More)
The observation and evaluation of other's pain activate part of the neuronal network involved in the actual experience of pain, including those regions subserving the sensori-discriminative dimension of pain. This was largely interpreted as evidence showing that part of the painful experience can be shared vicariously. Here, we investigated the effect of(More)
The present paper describes the application called ICATIANI, developed to aid hearing impaired children in the acquisition of speech The system supports the practice of vowels, diphthong and basic vocabulary. An animated character "Baldi" pronounces slowly and asks the student to speak, and if the utterance is correctly recognized, Baldi smiles otherwise he(More)
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