DorAnne Cuenco

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Dental caries continues to be the most common chronic disease in children today. Despite the substantial involvement of genetics in the process of caries development, the specific genes contributing to dental caries remain largely unknown. We performed separate genome-wide association studies of smooth and pit-and-fissure tooth surface caries experience in(More)
Mobile PDA/phone devices allow remote monitoring of clinical and behavioral parameters. However, passively expecting patients to use these devices may lead to low response rates. Our study, aimed at collecting exercise and symptom data from an older clinical population of patients with COPD, employed push technology principles by delivering automated(More)
Advances in information and communication technologies shape consumers' attitudes towards engagement in their own health and their interface with the health-care system. The use of eHealth tools holds promise for supporting and enabling health behaviour change and the prevention and management of chronic diseases. The authors review issues related to study(More)
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