Dor Shaviv

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—We consider an energy harvesting channel, in which the transmitter is powered by an exogenous stochastic energy harvesting process Et, such that 0 ≤ Et ≤ ¯ E, which can be stored in a battery of finite size ¯ B. We provide a simple and insightful formula for the approximate capacity of this channel with bounded guarantee on the approximation gap(More)
—We investigate if feedback can increase the capacity of an energy harvesting communication channel where a transmitter powered by an exogenous energy arrival process and equipped with a finite battery communicates to a receiver over a memoryless channel. For a simple special case where the energy arrival process is deterministic and the channel is a BEC,(More)
—We consider online power control for an energy harvesting system with random i.i.d. energy arrivals and a finite size battery. We propose a simple online power control policy for this channel that requires minimal information regarding the distribution of the energy arrivals and prove that it is universally near-optimal for all parameter values. In(More)
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