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The proliferation of various objects and explosive development of the Internet technologies such as Web of Objects (WoO) have contributed to an increasing demand for multimedia streaming applications. The adaptation of multimedia content according to context information is essential to supporting these applications in the WoO environments. In this study, we(More)
Due to the prevalence of various mobile devices and the growth of wireless network technologies, HTTP adaptive streaming has become a new trend in video delivery. In HTTP adaptive streaming, the client pulls the video as a sequence of files called media segments from a server and adjusts the video quality. In order to maintain seamless playback with(More)
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) adaptive streaming is easy to configure in existing Internet infrastructure. Also, it is typically granted traversal of firewalls and NAT (Network Address Translator). Because of these advantages, HTTP adaptive streaming has been the subject of much attention. However, because conventional video quality adaptation schemes(More)
The proliferation of the Internet technology has contributed to an increasing demand for streaming applications. The adaptation of multimedia streaming content according to context information is essential to supporting these applications. In this paper, we design a context-aware multimedia quality adaptation framework for smart streaming. The proposed(More)
HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HAS) has become increasingly more popular. However, the research about HTTP adaptive streaming for multi-server environments is limited. Compared with traditional single-server environments, HAS for multi-server environments is able to offer expanded bandwidth, link diversity, and reliability. However, it is a challenging issue to(More)
As the multimedia devices are becoming more diverse and the HTTP adaptive streaming techniques grow in popularity, the transmission of adequate video quality becomes increasingly important. HTTP adaptive streaming requires accurate information about available bandwidth of client for quality adaptation. Accurate estimation of available bandwidth is(More)
We present a novel multi-view video replay service system using multi-PTZ cameras. Proposed system firstly captures multi-view videos for an object of interest with converged multi-cameras and then synthesizes intermediate views by grid mesh-based warping at a certain time instant. Next, captured multi-camera videos and synthesized intermediate view videos(More)
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