Doohwang Lee

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What does trust mean? Is trust really important to a consumer as it relates to electronic commerce? What are the relationships between consumer trust and other variables such as a consumer's perception of risk and a consumer's perception of benefit? To answer these questions, this paper proposes three alternative models related to consumer trust, risk, and(More)
This study examined the role of display size and mode in increasing users' sense of being together with and of their psychological immersion in a virtual character. Using a high-resolution three-dimensional virtual character, this study employed a 2×2 (stereoscopic mode vs. monoscopic mode×actual human size vs. small size display) factorial design in an(More)
This study examined how personalized social cues of immediacy can affect two types of information disclosure intentions (embarrassing information and descriptive information) directly and indirectly through two positive outcome expectations (social trust and customization outcome expectations) and two negative outcome expectations (embarrassment and(More)
The present study was designed to investigate how users neurologically respond to self-relevant virtual avatars when they identify the avatars as themselves. In particular, using an electroencephalogram (EEG) measures, this study aimed to explore how users physiologically respond to the avatars wearing their own faces. 25 undergraduate students participated(More)
The current study proposed and tested a theoretical model of consumers' online brand community engagement behaviors, with particular attention given to online brand community type (consumer vs. marketer-created). By integrating attribution and social identity theories, this study investigated the causal linkages between intrinsic motives of altruism, social(More)
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