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A Zeroing Cell-to-Cell Interference Page Architecture With Temporary LSB Storing and Parallel MSB Program Scheme for MLC NAND Flash Memories
A new MLC NAND page architecture is presented as a breakthrough solution for sub-40-nm MLC NAND flash memories and beyond. To reduce cell-to-cell interference which is well known as the most criticalExpand
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Enhanced skin adhesive patch with modulus-tunable composite micropillars.
Modulus-tunable composite micropillars are presented by combining replica molding and selective inking for skin adhesive patch in "ubiquitous"-health diagnostic devices. Inspired from hierarchicalExpand
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A Fully Performance Compatible 45 nm 4-Gigabit Three Dimensional Double-Stacked Multi-Level NAND Flash Memory With Shared Bit-Line Structure
A 3-dimensional double stacked 4 gigabit multilevel cell NAND flash memory device with shared bitline structure have successfully developed. The device is fabricated by 45 nm floating-gate CMOS andExpand
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Instantly switchable adhesion of bridged fibrillar adhesive via gecko-inspired detachment mechanism and its application to a transportation system.
Inspired by the exceptional climbing ability of gecko lizards, artificial fibrillar adhesives have been extensively studied over the last decade both experimentally and theoretically. Therefore, aExpand
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Engineering stainless steel surface via wire electrical discharge machining for controlling the wettability
Abstract We present a straightforward method to realize a wettability-controlled stainless steel surface via wire electrical discharge machining. Samples of AISI 304 stainless steel were prepared,Expand
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Aging effect on the wettability of stainless steel
Abstract Commercial metals have recently been reconsidered as useful materials for functionalized surfaces with controlled wettability, yet the intrinsic wettability of various metal surfaces remainExpand
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Long-Lasting Superhydrophilic and Instant Hydrophobic Micropatterned Stainless Steel Surface by Thermally-Induced Surface Layers
We present a novel method of realizing instant hydrophobic and long-lasting superhydrophilic states on stainless steel (SS) surfaces by micropatterning and thermally-induced surface layers (TISL).Expand
PEMFC Performance with Metal Bipolar Plates Depending on the Channel Dimension
Bipolar plates of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) play an important role in removing liquid phase water as a by-product in order to facilitate the reaction between fuel and oxygen. AExpand
Analysis on the functionalized metallic surface