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Indium-catalyzed reaction for the synthesis of carbamates and carbonates: selective protection of amino groups
We developed a simple, efficient, and selective method for preparing organic carbamates and carbonates using a catalytic amount of indium. A wide range of carbamates and carbonates were synthesizedExpand
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Trifluoroacetylation of amines with trifluoroacetic acid in the presence of trichloroacetonitrile and triphenylphosphine
Abstract We developed a mild and convenient trifluoroacetylation process for amines using a combination of trichloroacetonitrile and triphenylphosphine. The reaction that we designed is applicable toExpand
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One-pot synthesis of tricyclic dihydropyrimidine derivatives and their biological evaluation
Abstract A series of tricyclic dihydropyrimidine derivatives were synthesized using a one-pot, three-component Traube–Schwarz reaction in the presence of catalyst Zn(ClO4)2·6H2O. All the purifiedExpand
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Mild and Efficient Indium Metal Catalyzed Synthesis of Sulfonamides and Sulfonic Esters
A facile and efficient method for synthesizing sulfon-amides was developed using a catalytic amount of indium metal. A wide range of sulfonamides were synthesized in excellent yields using the newExpand
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Facile synthesis of enantiopure (R)-malates
Abstract ( R )-Malates were synthesized from cyclic thionocarbonates of ( R , R )-tartrates by reacting with hypophosphorous acid in high isolated yields.
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Indium-Catalyzed N-Formylation of Amines under Solvent-FreeConditions
We have developed a simple, mild method for N-formylation of a wide variety of amines in the presence of indium metal as a catalyst under solvent-free conditions. This reaction is applicable to theExpand
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N-Ethylpiperidine Hypophosphite Mediated Intermolecular Radical Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reaction in Water
N-Ethylpiperidine hypophosphite mediated radical addition reactions to electron deficient alkenes in aqueous media have been developed. The reactions afford high isolated yields of addition productsExpand
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Radical deoxygenation of tertiary alcohols via trifluoroacetates
Abstract Trifluoroacetates of tertiary alcohols undergo deoxygenation by Ph 2 SiH 2 in the presence of ( t BuO) 2 in excellent yields of the deoxy products without affecting the stereochemistry atExpand
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