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UNLABELLED Liver regeneration after liver damage caused by toxins and pathogens is critical for liver homeostasis. Retardation of liver proliferation was reported in hepatitis B virus (HBV) X protein (HBx)-transgenic mice. However, the underlying mechanism of the HBx-mediated disturbance of liver regeneration is unknown. We investigated the molecular(More)
Hepatocystin/80K-H is known as a causative gene for autosomal dominant polycystic liver disease. However, the role of hepatocystin in hepatitis B virus-related liver disease remains unknown. Here, we investigated the role of hepatocystin on the cytokine-mediated antiviral response against hepatitis B virus infection. We investigated the antiviral effect and(More)
Sustained activation of NF-κB is one of the causative factors for various liver diseases, including liver inflammation and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). It has been known that activating the NF-κB signal by hepatitis B virus X protein (HBx) is implicated in the development of HCC. However, despite numerous studies on HBx-induced NF-κB activation, the(More)
UNLABELLED The emergence of drug-resistant hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a major problem for antiviral treatment in chronic hepatitis B infection. In this study, we analyzed the evolution of drug-resistant mutations and characterized the effects of the rtA181T and rtI233V mutations on viral replication and drug resistance. We performed a clonal analysis of the(More)
This paper proposes new memory interface architecture to overcome huge SDRAM bandwidth requirements of video decoders. To improve the memory efficiency, tile based memory access method and pixel cache are adopted. In addition to large data transfer cycle, extra overhead cycles takes great part of the heavy memory bandwidth requirement. The overhead cycles(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to investigate the frequency and distribution of associated carpal bone fractures (CBFs) in distal radial fractures (DRFs). METHODS Three hundred and thirteen patients who underwent surgical treatment for DRFs between March 2007 and January 2010 were reviewed retrospectively. In this study, 223 patients who had(More)
OBJECTIVE Interferons (IFNs) mediate direct antiviral activity. They play a crucial role in the early host immune response against viral infections. However, IFN therapy for HBV infection is less effective than for other viral infections. DESIGN We explored the cellular targets of HBV in response to IFNs using proteome-wide screening. RESULTS Using(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Cytokines are key molecules implicated in the defense against virus infection. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) is well known to block the replication of hepatitis B virus (HBV). However, the molecular mechanism and the downstream effector molecules remain largely unknown. METHODS In this study, we investigated the antiviral effect(More)
Many real-time distributed computing (RTDC) applications have stringent action timing requirements as well as tight security-enforcement requirements. Integration of security enforcement mechanisms into advanced component-based RTDC schemes has been recognized as an important research topic in recent years. In this paper we propose the first formal(More)
A programmable video decoding system with multi-core DSP and co-processors is presented. This system is adopted by Digital TV System on Chip (SoC) and is used for FHD High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) decoder under 400MHz. Using the DSP based programmable solution, we can reduce commercialization period by one year because we can parallelize algorithm(More)