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Software reverse engineering is an engineering process analyzing a system for specific purposes such as identifying interrelationship between system components or reorganizing the system structure. The HELISCOPE project aims to develop an unmanned helicopter and its on-flight embedded computing system for navigation and real-time transmission of motion(More)
While the conventional remote method invocation mechanism has been considered for a long time as the primary approach for facilitating interactions among real-time objects, a multicast support mechanism has been recognized in recent years as an attractive supplement, if not a favored approach, in many applications. One highly promising concrete formulation(More)
One of the key issues in multimedia processing, especially, in distributed processing of multimedia data streams on a network of computing platforms, is still the accurate maintenance of the temporal relationship among data elements of various media types [Aya01, Bla96, Cel00, Her98, Hun01, Ste96, Bla96, KSK02]. Moreover, the amount of effort consumed by(More)