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Direct simulations are carried out in a flow configuration devised for investigating zero-net-mass-flux (or synthetic) jet based active separation control. The numerical configuration consists of an airfoil section at zero incidence in a free-stream. A separation bubble of prescribed size is created on the top surface of the airfoil at the aft-chord(More)
Chang-Jae Yu Doo-Hwan You Sin-Doo Lee Abstract — In an in-plane optical geometry, such that the average optic axis lies on the plane parallel to both substrates, the optical properties of a reflective ferroelectric liquid-crystal (FLC) or antiferroelectric liquid-crystal (AFLC) cell were studied within the framework of the 2 × 2 Jones matrix formalism. To(More)
This paper reports on a numerical study that determines how the boundary layer properties of an airfoil are modified with angle of attack (α) and the implementation of aerodynamic control via zero-net-mass-flux (ZNMF) jets. Highlighted are the means by which separation can be modified and controlled to achieve lift enhancement. The flow configuration is a(More)
Inner-shell ionization of an isolated atom typically leads to Auger decay. In an environment, for example, a liquid or a van der Waals bonded system, this process will be modified, and becomes part of a complex cascade of relaxation steps. Understanding these steps is important, as they determine the production of slow electrons and singly charged radicals,(More)
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