Donovan Costa

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Tuberculosis is the single most serious infectious disease worldwide. The respiratory tract is the primary site of infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis(MTB). A number of immunogenic components of the cell wall of MTB, if delivered to the lungs as aerosols, can be used to study the local immune response. The site of deposition of these aerosols can be(More)
We describe Hydroprompt, a prototype for sensing and motivating healthy water intake in work environments. In a 3-week field deployment of Hydroprompt, we evaluate the effectiveness of three approaches to behavior change: historical information enabling users to compare their water intake levels across different times of day and days of week, implicit(More)
A healthy and sustainable relationship between humans and the built and surrounding natural environment requires a deep rethinking of concepts and models. In this context the exploration of new forms of expression enabled by emerging technologies plays an important role. Through the <i>Hug a Tree in Africa</i> installation we are addressing artistic,(More)
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