Donny Shen

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Liposomes are generally thought of as being useful for entrapping drugs within their internal aqueous space. When used with MR contrast agents, this has the drawback that water flux across the membrane bilayer is limiting to contrast enhancement. This can be partially overcome by making the liposomes very small, such that surface area is relatively great(More)
Introduction The objective of this research has been to develop and test a theoretical framework in which words in the lexicon are represented as sequences of segments and the segments are represented, in part, as auditory goals. Control mechanisms for the production of speech sound sequences are based on the auditory goals, which, for the present purposes,(More)
In 1H NMR spectroscopic studies of fatiguing skeletal muscles, two peaks consistently arise near 1.3 ppm, typically 15-20 Hz apart at 300 MHz. From a variety of NMR and biochemical evidence, both peaks are identified as lactate. Both the CH3 and CH protons of lactate experience the same shift in intact muscle; this rules out chemical bonding or(More)
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