Donnelly Howard

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A 45-year-old man with paranoid schizophrenia with delusions was transferred from a group home for treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Six months before this episode, he had been hospitalized in an inpatient psychiatric institution and treated with valproic acid and quetiapine 400 mg with normal blood sugars recorded. The patient was treated for(More)
A silicon-compatible, broadband, millimeter wave Marchand balun operating at a center frequency of 65 GHz is presented. This balun is asymmetrical and broadside-coupled and exhibits excellent performance over a 30-90 GHz frequency range. The gain imbalance is -1.6 dB at 30 GHz, and +0.6 dB at 90 GHz, with a phase imbalance of ± 5.2 degrees,(More)
BACKGROUND Approximately half of the 16 million Americans with diabetes mellitus (DM) are unaware they have the disease; the epidemiology of death from previously undiagnosed DM is unclear. We report medical examiner (ME) cases of death from DM in North Carolina in 1994 to determine the number and characteristics of these cases. METHODS Deaths from DM(More)
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