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This research is an attempt to understand the effects of failures in replicated copy control on distributed database systems. The function of replicated copy control is to maintain the consistency of copies during periods of site failure and recovery. The objectives of our research are to examine the effect o( failures on the consistency of replicated(More)
Digital radiocardiography with linear programming, on the ALGOL language, by means of an ODRA-1204 computer is described. Determination of cardiac dynamical parameters of patients in rest and under load was carried out. Radioisotopic methods were combined with conventional cardiologic examinations, particularly the microcatheterization.
This article describes the selection, design, and implementation of a clinical information system that includes order entry, results reporting, physical assessments, and critical care. The benefits of implementing this data management system such as cost savings, chart-as-you-go documentation, use of wireless technology, online quality improvement audits,(More)
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