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OBJECTIVE To compare three approaches for marketing a quit smoking intervention kit to general practitioners. DESIGN Randomised trial of (a) personal delivery and presentation by an educational facilitator with a follow up visit six weeks later; (b) delivery to the receptionist by a friendly volunteer courier with a follow up phone call six weeks later,(More)
Effective use of resources available to patients in their homes, in their neighborhoods, and in their communities can give the family physician much assistance in the provision of total health care to his patients and their families. Patients' resources can be divided into two broad categories--"Personal" and "Institutional". Examples of the former are(More)
OBJECTIVE For the past decade, emergency preparedness campaigns have encouraged households to meet preparedness metrics, such as having a household evacuation plan and emergency supplies of food, water, and medication. To estimate current household preparedness levels and to enhance disaster response planning, the Virginia Department of Health with remote(More)
A charting system has been developed that integrates in one place the master problems of individual members of the family whether they be physical, psychological, or socioeconomic. In addition to the Family Problem List, there is a geneology as well as a family profile. The use of the INFO-POMR helps the clinician approach the family as a unit of providing(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate general practitioners' experience of the nature and frequency of patient consultations about environmental health matters, and about preferred sources of information to assist in designing continuing medical educational programs in environmental and occupational health. STUDY DESIGN/PARTICIPANTS: 491 randomly selected Victorian GPs(More)
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