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Inheritance of a defect in a neuronal mechanism that regulates response to auditory stimuli was studied in nine families with multiple cases of schizophrenia. The defect, a decrease in the normal inhibition of the P50 auditory-evoked response to the second of paired stimuli, is associated with attentional disturbances in schizophrenia. Decreased P50(More)
A comprehensive faculty technology training program not only provides a hands-on learning experience that addresses the question of <i>how</i> to include technology in instruction, it also addresses and provides innovative ideas and examples that encourage faculty about <i>why</i> these skills should be incorporated into the classroom.(More)
Penguin foraging and breeding success depend on broad-scale environmental and local-scale hydrographic features of their habitat. We investigated the effect of local tidal currents on a population of Adélie penguins on Humble Is., Antarctica. We used satellite-tagged penguins, an autonomous underwater vehicle, and historical tidal records to model of(More)
How can you invite and encourage faculty to share their knowledge and ideas about courseware? A successful faculty technology training program promotes interdepartmental collaboration and sharing of such information. This presentation will focus on key strategies used to promote technology sharing amongst faculty while assisting in courseware(More)
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