Donna-Marie Winn

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This paper describes the targeted intervention component of GREAT Schools and Families. The intervention-GREAT Families-is composed of 15 weekly multiple family group meetings (e.g., 4-6 families per group) and addresses parenting practices (discipline, monitoring), family relationship characteristics (communication, support, cohesion), parental involvement(More)
Recent scholarship concerning low rates of marriage among low-income mothers emphasizes generalized gender distrust as a major impediment in forming sustainable intimate unions. Guided by symbolic interaction theory and longitudinal ethnographic data on 256 low-income mothers from the Three-City Study, we argue that generalized gender distrust may not be as(More)
C ONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE1 2 develops in approximately 10 to 15% of infants born with a ventricular septal defect, and this proves refractory to medical management in a significant number. Circumferential banding of the main pulmonary artery has been widedly used as a palliative procedure in such cases.3 This report concerns a previously undescribed(More)
Infections caused by members of the Phialophora hoffmannii (Beyma) Schol-Schwarz fungal aggregate (a group of related taxa, especially species of uncertain circumscription) are not reported frequently. This case report concerns the development of a gluteal abscess after multiple intramuscular injections of antimicrobial agents. Microbiological examination(More)
Superior vena caval obstruction has been alleged to be caused by a wide variety of pathological conditions, some rather common and specific while others are relatively rare and indeterminate as to etiology. This troublesome syndrome was first described clinically by William Hunter 200 years ago according to McCord et al.1 In their excellent review, Mclntire(More)
Renal artery stenosis causing hypertension may be the sequel of blunt nonpenetrating abdominal trauma. Early recognition of such renal artery injury is essential. In the case reported, late recognition of unilateral traumatic renal artery stenosis led to surgical correction of the lesion and lasting cure of hypertension.
In this article, we discuss perspectives on the "homeplace" that are important to consider in marriage and family therapy involving African American clients. The homeplace comprises individual and family processes that are anchored in a defined physical space that elicits feelings of empowerment, rootedness, ownership, safety, and renewal. Critical elements(More)