Donna M Spooner

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We present global and regional rates of brain atrophy measured on serially acquired T1-weighted brain MR images for a group of Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients and age-matched normal control (NC) subjects using the analysis procedure described in Part I. Three rates of brain atrophy: the rate of atrophy in the cerebrum, the rate of lateral ventricular(More)
The focus of the discipline of neuropsychology is shifting towards a greater emphasis on understanding the relationship between assessment results and performance of everyday tasks (ecological validity). To date, the literature has highlighted the importance of this concept in the assessment of patients with brain injury or disease (e.g. in rehabilitation(More)
Neuropsychological tests requiring patients to find a path through a maze can be used to assess visuospatial memory performance in temporal lobe pathology, particularly in the hippocampus. Alternatively, they have been used as a task sensitive to executive function in patients with frontal lobe damage. We measured performance on the Austin Maze in patients(More)
Patients with advanced and bulky early-stage cancer of the cervix have an unfavourable prognosis, which may be improved by initial neoadjuvant, cytoreductive chemotherapy. In a phase II study, coordinated at the West Midlands CRC Clinical Trials Unit, Birmingham, using ifosfamide (IFX) in combination with cisplatin and bleomycin (BIP) in advanced and(More)
A series of phase II studies using ifosfamide (IFX) as a single agent and in combination with cisplatin and bleomycin (BIP) in advanced and recurrent cervical cancer have been coordinated at the West Midlands CRC Clinical Trials Unit (Birmingham, UK). The aims of these studies were to identify single agents and combination regimens that may be of value for(More)
A 38 year old woman who had undergone irradiation during infancy for a left facial cutaneous arteriovenous malformation sequentially developed complete palsies of the ipsilateral VII, V, XI, IX, X, XII and VI cranial nerves. Apart from optic and olfactory nerve damage there are few reports of radiotherapy causing cranial nerve injury. We link the unusually(More)
PHASE II-STUDY OF IFOSFAMIDE(IFS) + ADRIAMYCIN(ADM) IN ADVANCED SOFT TISSUE SARCOMA IN ADULTS A PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS. d. SchUtte*, P.Dombernowsky, H.Mouridsen, A. Santorc, W.Stewart, R.Somers, d.Rou~ss@, A.v.Oosterom, G. Blackledge, H.M.Pinedo, D.Green and D.Thomas f o r the EORTC Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma Group. *Innere Un ivers i t~ ts k l i n i k und(More)
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